Uniform & Linen Rental in Philadelphia
Napkins, Table Linens, Uniforms, Towels, Floor Mats, Restroom Products in the Philadelphia Area

Gemini Linen & Uniform Rental has been providing Philadelphia linen rental and uniform rental since 1978. We provide linen rental (such as table linens, napkins and towels), uniform rental, floor mats, restroom products and more. We serve restaurants, medical offices and hospitals, and other companies in the hospitality industry throughout the Philadelphia PA and surrounding NJ and PA areas.

Since 1978 Gemini Linen Rental has established ourselves as a leader in the Philadelphia linen rental and uniform rental industry. As a local family-owned business, we provide exceptional customer service and high quality products that you will be proud to present to your restaurant patrons, medical facility patients, or other customers.

Some of our products include:

  • Linen Supplies such as Table Linens and Cloth Napkins (view)
  • Aprons and Bar Towels (view)
  • Kitchen and Chef Apparel (Towels, Aprons, Cook Shirts, Butcher Frocks, Chef Coats, Chef Pants) (view)
  • Floor Mats for safety, protection and cleanliness, including personalized logo mats (view)
  • Restroom products such as Soap & Soap Dispensers, Bathroom Tissue & Dispensers, Paper Towels & Dispensers, and Air Fresheners & Air Freshener Units (view)
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Gemini Linen & Uniform Rental
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