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Gemini Linen Rental has been providing quality linen and uniform rental services to the hospitality industry since 1978. We have built our reputation on the service performance of our employees and the quality of our products. Our customers confirm that it is this commitment to service that has made us the premier linen rental company in our market.

Gemini Linen is a local family owned business serving the NJ/PA/DE tri-state area (South Jersey, Central Jersey, North Jersey, Jersey Shore, Delaware & Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia PA). Being a local family owned business not only guarantees quality and integrity, it assures that each customer will receive full attention from our professional customer service staff.

Interested in any of our products? Call us at 856-786-7776 or email us through our Email Form.

Environmental Impact Statement

Gemini Linen is committed to being an environmentally responsible company by using sound management practices to operate our business in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. We believe in conducting our company in a manner that will not only protect the environment, but the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve. We are committed to employing technologies that create environmentally responsible products. We will continue to offer products that maximize performance, while minimizing the use of natural resources.

Reuse of Textiles

Textile Reuse Reduces Solid Waste. Gemini Linen Rental's textile rental product line reduces solid waste in comparison to disposable alternatives in the following ways:

  • Cloth Cleaning Towels - Paper Towels generate 4x more solid waste than cloth towels.
  • Mops - Wet Mop: 1 Rental = 36 Disposable; Dry Mop: 1 rental = 186 disposable
  • Mats - Disposable mats generate 9 times more landfill waste than rental mats. 1 rental = 10 disposable mats.
  • Wipers - Paper wipers generate from 4 to 8 times more solid waste than cloth shop towels (depending on the soil of the job).

Water Reuse

Gemini Linen Rental reduces water, detergent and energy use by reclaiming light soil wash water and reusing it for the pre-wash of heavily soiled items. We reuse the hot, soapy wash water from very light soil items such as tablecloths and use it for the pre-wash rinses of heavily soiled items such as kitchen towels. This innovative reuse allows Gemini Linen to conserve water.

Material Reduction & Recycling

In an effort to reduce the dependence on natural resources and to preserve space in our landfills, Gemini Linen Rental has intensified efforts to re-use garment hangers whenever possible. We also have a company wide program for recycling plastic, cardboard and paper. This program diverts an abundance of material each year from landfills for recycling.

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